Lazy Double D Ranch

Lazy Double D is not your average ranch. The majority of the livestock here are speciality breeds: Wagyu cattle, Costarricese De Paso horses, Friesian horses, and white peacocks. Interspersed with these amazing animals, there is also a motley crew of characters including mini horses, goats, Texas longhorn cows, and horses breeds more typical of the area.

The animals who have a home here have a purpose.

They are willing and kind and clearly love and respect the cowboys.

With one exception. The roosters cockadoodledoo all night long!

At Lazy Double D, the animals here are honored for what they are, what they provide, and they gift that they are.

The cowboys talk about an “ease” at Lazy Double D that is uncommon. Somehow the pastures are always greener, the animals are easier to maintain, and the ranch is always growing just beyond what seems possible. And it all works.

Animals’ aptitudes and even their preferences are taken into account. Horses aren’t shown unless they enjoy being show horses. Horses don’t rope unless they enjoy working cattle.

Some people call it heaven on earth and one visitor, Laleh Hancock said about the ranch, “It’s hard to leave this place once you get here.”

Since the ranch opening in February 2016, people have flown from all over the world to experience the ranch from far reaching places such as Canada, Germany, Australia, Austria, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Argentina, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and more.

A place where the peace and possibility of living becomes a reality.

Gary M Douglas