Cody The Cowboy (Cody Lore)

Cody has been working with horses as long as he can remember. He followed in his father’s footsteps. Jeff Lore was a farrier and raised horses and passed on everything he knew to his son. Cody remembers going to horse auctions and together they bought horses with seemingly bleak futures, trained them, and found them homes.

His horsemanship skills are that of kindness and clarity. When he’s riding or training, whether it’s a colt or stallion, all eyes are on his quiet confidence and how at ease the horses are when they are with him.  He’s a cowboy who never loses his cool and the animals clearly respond to that. He facilitates classes on horsemanship and he would like to share the gift and contribution of the amazing horses at the ranch with everyone, whether they have been around horses their whole lives or if horses are brand new to them.

“Horses help relieve stress and the peace of mind you get when you’re with them is invaluable.” – Cody Lore

Cody volunteers for a program called County Cowboys. When livestock is in trouble, he is the guy to call. During Hurricane Harvey he spent 6 days pulling drowning cattle at neighboring ranches out of shoulder deep water. His perspective: That’s what good neighbors do. Some of the horses he used had never worked cattle before and none of the horses had been exposed to water like that, yet Cody was calm and got the job done. He’s cool under pressure he has an air about him that everything is going to be alright.

He knows all the animals at the ranch have a purpose. Dogs help herd cattle. Cattle provide meat. And each horse has aptitudes that are easy for him to pick out from the herd. He’s matched dozens of horses at the ranch with owners that have fallen in love with the horses that are now theirs.

When he’s not catching loose livestock, mending fences, or the innumerable other tasks around the ranch that keep him busy, you can find him riding either of his 2 prized quarter horse studs, Eastwood and Hollywood, calm as anything, or looking mighty handsome atop the high-stepping Costarricese De Paso horses.