Horses at the Ranch 

Costeresnecesa The Costaresense is a horse that was bred for good looks, high action and is a walking horse that does a 4 beat walk and because of the fact they were in mud they had to learn to function diagonally rather then laterally. They were bred to be ridden by wives and childern and to be caring. They have a kind disposition and take care of you.

Quarter Horses Quarter horses that were designed to be working horses with cattle, in the process of breeding them they began to create the place where they became more gentle and more muscly. in the process over the years they have tended to be more lawn ornaments then working horses. When you cross with a costa you get a inteliigent horse that functions like a quarter horse, but they have the intelligence of the old style quarter horse and they funtion like a good quater horse and they have athelic ability.

Freisian Fresian were bred by French and Spanish nobility . primary carriage horse of 16th, 17th, 18th hundreds . When crossed with a quarter horse they make a great smooth horse. They tend to be rough otherwise.

Sadle Bred American Sadle Bred were bred in the south to create a good looking horse to be ridden and driven and look good looking on.

Purcheron Purcheron when crossed with a costa tend to create a potential sport horse.

Belgian Belgian when crossed with a costa tend to create a potential sport horse.

Puervian Pasos Puervian Pasos have a lateral movement, cause they grew up in sandy country that they had to shovel sand, In so doing they create a smooth breed. When crossed with costa you get high elevation of the puervian and the costa and they end up functioning laterally and are bigger for someone who is tall to feel good about riding. Because Costa is quieter in the head the taller peurvian tends to be quiter.

Pasifinos Coming Soon!