Your guide to joining us at the Lazy Double D Ranch

Houston Airports 

Houston has two major airports: 

  • The closest airport to Lazy Double D Ranch is George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) in Houston, TX. IAH is about 83 miles from Brenham (where some of the lodging & restaurants are located). Brenham is about 15-18 minutes from the ranch. 
  • Another option is Houston Hobby Aiport (HOU) HOU is about 95 miles from Brenham.
  • It is also possible to fly into the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, TX airport which is 90 miles from Brenham. Several of the highways from Austin do require tolls. 

Taxis and Uber do NOT take passengers to Brenham, TX or Bleiblerville, TX from any of Houston or Austin airports. Please read the section below closely for information on how to get to the ranch. 

Official Brenham Travel Information HERE 



Private Car Houston Airport Transfers: how to get from Houston’s airport George Bush Intercontinental (IAH) to your hotel or Airbnb closer to Brenham or the Lazy Double D Ranch.  

Taxis and Uber do NOT take passengers to Brenham, TX or Bleiblerville, TX from any of Houston or Austin airports. Please read the section below closely for information on how to get to the Ranch. 

Your best bet would be to rent a vehicle, Car Rentals Here!
We HIGHLY recommend you rent a car AND find someone to share a rental car with.

You are responsible for your own transportation including getting to and from…

  • The airport you fly in/out of
  • The hotel or airbnb where you stay
  • The ranch/class
  • Grocery stores, restaurants, etc. 


Wondering what to pack and what the weather forecast is?  We’ve got you covered!

Check the Latest Weather forecast here

What to Bring:

✔ Hat and sunscreen
✔ Closed-toed shoes/riding boots
✔  Rainboots (it might rain!)
✔ Your own water bottle (to refill with our great filtered water)
✔ More layers!
If you plan on Riding, Please bring:
✔ Riding clothes and/or boots if you plan to ride
✔ Chapstick 
✔ Snacks or drinks you might like 
✔Portable battery charger for your phone
What NOT to Bring:
✘ Flip flops or sandals (there are fire ants! Ouch!)
✘ Clothes or shoes that you don’t want to get dirty or dusty
✘ High heels

Most importantly, bring clothes that are comfortable in HOT and COLD weather

Interested in the residential home’s hosted by Lazy Double D



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The United States dollar is the official currency of the United States.  

There will be no other currency accepted in the United States.  The best exchange rates can be found at your local bank or Currency Exchange Services at the airport you are departing from or IAH Airport.  Which can be located in Terminals B, C, D, and E.  Exchange rates and fees apply.

There are many ‘Cash machines’ (ATMs) where you can withdraw cash.  ATM’s can also be found at the airport terminals when you arrive. Please note exchange rates can be higher when using cash machines (ATM’s)

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.



Email Customer Service

We will require the following information:
Passport name
Passport number
Phone number
Class dates
Approximate travel dates

Class Venue 

Lazy Double D Ranch

4571 Bleiblerville Road
Bleiblerville, TX 78931

Please park on the grass along the outside of the white fence or on the grass to the left and right of the gravel road. Do not cross the cattle guard/white fence with your car to park. That smaller parking on the far side of the fence is for those who live at the ranch only

Resturants in the Area

Los Cabos Mexican Grill and Steakhouse, – Great margaritas! Brenham
Funky Art Cafe – soups, salads, sandwiches, and southern dishes, Brenahm
Starbucks – Coffee of course and snacks & light bites too, Brenham
The Hill – Old fashioned burgers and malts. Bellville
Must Be Heaven – Mom and Pop restaurant with soup, sandwiches, ice cream, & pie. Brenham
96 West – Great drinks and a variety of food options. Fresh and the fanciest in the area. Brenham
Tabu – Tacos and burgers with some vegetarian options. Brenham
Truth BBQ – BBQ only open on Thurs through Sun 11am until sell out and sells out early! Rated in top 50 BBQ in Texas. Brenham
Bellville Meat Market – Also sells BBQ. Bellville
BT Longhorn Saloon & Steakhouse – A true Texas steakhouse in downtown Brenham
Shogun Grill and Sushi Bar – Also has hot/cooked food. Brenham
Cochran Grill (also known as Cochran Store) – comfort food that’s the best in 100 miles. Not open on Sundays or Mondays. Bellville
Kenney Store – Bar, live music, and classic Texas foods. Kenney